About Us




Mensro Services Ltd (RC No. 1022900) is incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to offer Oil & Gas as well as Maritime Engineering services to both local and international firms operating Upstream and Downstream. Our core human capital has experiences in the local and international Maritime / Oil & Gas Engineering services industry spanning over ten (10) years.

At Mensro, we have a knack for excellent service delivery and we place high value on adherence to international best practice standards.

We are staffed with dedicated, innovative and well motivated team of seasoned management staff who would ensure clients’ operations is supported seamlessly. Our clients rest assured of our capability to deliver excellent services as and when due.




To be a preferred indigenous engineering services outfit in the maritime and oil/gas industry.


To conscientiously deliver time tested engineering services in the maritime and oil/gas industries locally & internationally using state-of-the-art technology manned by seasoned professionals while adhering to international best practice standards. Mensro is committed to quality services delivery and operational excellence.



  •   To provide Quality Assurance / Quality Control and Inspection services in the maritime and Oil/Gas industries.
  •  To provide equipment procurement, installation and testing services on behalf of operators in the Maritime and Oil/Gas industries.
  • To offer equipment/product testing, transportation, distribution and marketing services in the target industries.
  • To provide facility set up servicesTo provide professional advisory as well as technical support services in the target industries.





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At Mensro, painstaking attention is given to ensuring implementation of international best practice and statutory standards in employee health and environmental safety. While our core management staffs are certified safety practitioners, we additionally ensure safety standards through:


  • Maintenance of detailed & explicit safety manual. The manual addresses issues in prevention of   occupational hazards, employee health/welfare/safety, own/clients’ property/equipment management, third-party safety standards and such like.

The manual also defines curative standards for minimizing the impact of hazards on the operating environment and personnel.


  • Institution of Safety Committee:  The committee oversees the formulation, review, communication, promotion, monitoring and enforcement of safety policies standards. They also provide the forum for consultative and promotional safety activities.


  • Intensive Safety Training and Development: In pursuance of our safety policy, we devise and sustain trainings that enables staff at all levels to recognize potential safety hazards and know the implication of adherence to safety standards for themselves, third parties and the environment / operating community. These periodic and continuous trainings could be internally or externally facilitated.